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Please note that treatments involving close proximity to the face are only possible with a max. 24-hour-old rapid test, PCR test, vaccination or as a convalescent.

Our cosmetic treatments for stressed hands and feet offer the opportunity to respond to your individual needs. Give yourself the gift of time out and enjoy a wonderfully relaxed feeling of well-being.


Manicure incl. shortening and shaping of the nails, removal of unwanted cuticles, nail polish, final treatment
approx. 45 min. EUR 45

Painting the fingernails
approx. 15 min. EUR 15


Pedicure incl. foot bath, shortening and shaping of nails, removal of unwanted pressure points and calluses, final treatment
approx. 50 min. EUR 55

Painting the toenails
approx. 15 min. EUR 15


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