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Preventive medicine is dedicated to the early detection of health risks in order to prevent the development of diseases:
“Identifying the need for correction at an early stage, while corrections are still easily possible” is the guiding principle of prevention.

 To this end, we offer you a comprehensive portfolio of preventive examinations (check-ups) to identify cardiovascular risk factors in particular. Comprehensive sports medicine performance diagnostics using state-of-the-art technology complete this range of services.

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You can get an overview of our service catalogue here:

Resting ECG and survey of the personal cardiovascular risk profile

Resting 12-lead ECG, physical examination, detailed consultation with a doctor to determine your personal cardiovascular risk profile, advice on optimising risk factors and preventing life-threatening diseases.

Stress ECG 

Continuous ECG recording with a gradual increase in exercise intensity on the bicycle ergometer allows conclusions to be drawn about a relevant narrowing of the coronary vessels and thus about the personal risk of a heart attack.


A spiroergometry examines your oxygen uptake and carbon dioxide release as well as your respiratory volume and respiratory rate under a gradually increasing load on the bicycle ergometer. During the examination, we record your heart rate and an exercise ECG. Ventilatory thresholds (aerobic/anaerobic metabolism) for allocating training zones can be calculated from the values determined. The examination also provides information about your heart and lung function as well as your muscular energy metabolism and fat burning at different exercise intensities. All findings, thresholds and training zones will be discussed with you in detail so we can optimise your training and help you achieve your personal performance goals

Lactate diagnostics

As part of lactate diagnostics, the rise in your lactate level and heart rate is measured during a gradually increasing load on the bicycle ergometer (with exercise ECG). We design your endurance training around your personal training areas, which we determine based on the lactate thresholds identified. We discuss all the findings, thresholds and training zones with you in detail.

Spiroergometry step test including lactate measurement (gold standard)

The combination of spiroergometry and lactate diagnostics with a gradually increasing load on the bicycle ergometer is the gold standard of performance diagnostics in professional sport and enables us to design an effective and scientifically supported training programme. We discuss all the findings, thresholds and training zones with you in detail.


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