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Please note that treatments that involve close proximity to the face are only possible with a max. 24-hour-old rapid test, PCR test, vaccination or as a convalescent.  

From a relaxing neck or back massage to an Ayurvedic full-body treatment, there is a wide range to choose from. The massage treatments have various goals, including to relax the muscles, reduce stress or balance body and mind, and they work particularly well if combined with various packs or a body peeling beforehand.

We will be happy to advise you!

Here you will find a selection of our offers:

"The classic" full body massage from head to toe with nourishing oils from PINO.

Hypoallergenic oils and fragrant aromas accompany you through this delightful massage.

Recharge your batteries and feel reborn!
approx. 50 min. EUR 75
approx. 80 min. EUR 95 (includes Face and headmassage)

Deeply relaxing face-head-neck massage

Meditative grip, pressure and massage techniques ensure a clear head and deep relaxation

approx. 25 min. EUR 45

Muscle-loosening shoulder-back-neck massage

Sometimes a focused touch is all that is needed for comprehensive improvement using nourishing hypoallergenic oil and sensitive hands

approx. 25 min. EUR 45-

Foot reflexology

The foot zone massage is a soothing massage that has a supportive effect on the entire body by applying pressure in specific regions of the foot. Its effects can be seen in the form of relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, regeneration and activation of the body’s self-healing powers. It releases lymphatic congestion and gets energies flowing again, strengthening body, mind and soul.

approx. 25 min. EUR 45

AYURVEDA treatments

Based on an over 6000-year-old Indian healing method, soothing and gentle massage techniques are combined with warm sesame oil to rebalance body and mind. The deliberately calm and uniform strokes provide particularly deep relaxation and give peace and serenity.

  • “Abhyanga” Ayurvedic full body oil massage approx. 75 min. EUR 105
  • “Padabhyanga” Ayurvedic foot massage approx. 45 min. EUR 75
  • “Upanahasveda” Ayurvedic back treatment approx. 45 min. EUR 75


Enjoy the combination of classic massage and the soothing warmth of hot stones.

  • Back and arm massage approx. 25 min. EUR 49
  • Full body massage approx. 50 min. EUR 79

Lomi Lomi - the Hawaiian temple massage

Deep relaxation, a feeling of security and a conscious awareness of one's own body characterise the massage technique of a Lomi Lomi. Muscles and joints are treated in rhythmic movements using the hands, forearms and elbows too. Tensions and blockages are released and body, mind and soul find their natural balance. You’ll feel strengthened inside and out and filled with a new zest for life.

approx. 50 min. EUR 85
approx. 100 min. (including rest time afterwards) EUR 135

South Sea Magic

This treatment, including peeling, massage and heat treatment with a coconut stamp, is pure luxury for your back. Exotic scents and intensely nourishing oils will take you to tropical beaches and enchant your skin and senses.

approx. 40 min. EUR 59

Nuna-Vut-trigger point treatment

Especially in the back area, strong tension often arises due to one-sided or incorrect loads. Targeted treatment of these pain points promotes blood circulation and activates muscle regeneration.

approx. 25 min. EUR 45


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