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Relaxation and Healthiness

From the relaxing back and neck massage to the Ayurveda back treatment. There is a lot to choose from. Loosening muscles, reducing stress or strengthening of connective tissue, these are different goals of the massage treatments, which are even better in combination with different body and face masks.
We will be happy to advise you! Here are our offers:

Peelings – Masks – Massages

“Velvety Skin“ by Deep Cleansing with Full-Body Peeling
-Choose between different sea and bath salts:
Sea Salt Peeling – with lotion, also suitable for sensitive skin
Sea Silt Peeling – for allergic & problem skin
Algae Peeling – purifies and stimulates circulation
Alkaline Peeling – deacidifies with neutral oil for all types of skin
ca. 25 min EUR 38,-       “Time for Two“ EUR 74,-

“The Sister“ of Peeling is the Full-Body Mask
It is recommended to get full-body masks after skin cleansing treatments or
if required. Choose from the following:
Sea Silt Mask – moisturises, very soothing and relieves itching
Sea Silt Oil Mask – moisturises and helps regeneration of skin for rough skin
Algae Mask – firms, purifies, stimulates the lymphatic system and is diuretic
Alkaline Mask – flushes/deacidifies – firms/drains excess fluids – detoxifies
ca. 45 min EUR 58,-
“Time for Two“ EUR 112,-

“The Classic“ Full-Body Massage from Head to Toe with nourishing Oils by PINO Hypoallergenic oils and fragranced aromas carry you through the wonderful massage.
Relaxing – Vitalising – Harmonic
We adjust to your form on the day – your body decides!
ca. 50 min EUR 68,-
“Time for Two“ EUR 130,-
Choose the “Trio Special“ Package Offer
A complete and pampering program for your body
Peeling “Velvety Skin“ // Full-Body Mask “The Sister“ // Massage “The Classic“
ca. 120 min EUR 148,-
“Time for Two“ EUR 286,-

“Contemplative Time-Out“ Pampering Aroma Massage with Warm PINO Ginger-Honey Oil
A sensory experience with high quality essences and all-over massage techniques that take you into another world and stimulates firming of connective tissue.
ca. 60 min EUR 78,-
“Time for Two“ EUR 152,-

“State of Trance“ Deeply Relaxing Face-Head-Neck Massage
Meditative push-grab massage technique with soothing PINO lavender-rosewood oil.
ca. 25 min EUR 36,-

“Refreshing Instant Help“ Muscle Loosening
Shoulder-Back-Neck Massage
Sometimes a focused touch with a hypoallergenic nourishing oil is all that is necessary for an all-around improvement.
ca. 25 min EUR 38,-

“Hand & Foot Massage“ Intense Massage for Joint Mobilisation
Stimulates circulation, activating with vitalising PINO Orange-Lemon-Grass oil.
ca. 25 min EUR 36,-

“Good on Foot“ Warm Aroma Compresses & Foot Zone Massage
The foot zone massage is a soothing massage technique that focuses on massaging specific zones of the foot for a stimulation of the whole organism. This type of massage results in relaxation, pain relief, stress relief, regeneration and activation of self-healing properties of the body. It clears congestions of the lymphatic system and gives a new flow of energy, which strengthens mind, body and soul.
ca. 40 min EUR 52,-

“Push It“ Shiatsu Point Pressure Massage on the Wellness Couch
A method to preserve health and vitality.
This treatment is for relaxation and regeneration. It stimulates the autonomous nervous system and has a deep impact on internal organs. Shiatsu massages support pain relief, stimulate relaxation of muscles and psyche, lower stress
hormones, enhance cell metabolism in the tissues and have a positive impact on the vegetative nervous system.
ca. 60 min EUR 78,-

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