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Only the best for your skin

We have La Mer Sea Silt Extracts for nourishment and regeneration at the AuraVita SPA. Sea silt is a 100% organic product. Rich in oxygen, healing clay, trace elements, sulphur, salts, minerals and other organic compounds. La Mer makes the extract in a unique way at their own laboratory and the final product offers great care results and is kind to all types of skin.
Your skin receives great miniaturisation and a moisture reserve builds up. Your skin gets nourished with minerals and trace elements for activation of the skins‘ own functions and a stronger protective barrier.
And you can get the perfect make-up done, for a perfect dinner and also receive a lot of tips for when you are back at home.

We really recommend the following treatments:

Cosmetic Preparation
– Regeneration & Care with La Mer Sea Silt Extracts
For a firmer breast and décolleté Strength and fullness for deep insights
ca. 35 minutes      EUR 45,-

For smoothening of neck and décolleté
Perfectly nourishing moisturiser after a sun bath, air bath or for winter dryness.
ca. 30 minutes      EUR 42,-

Wrinkles around the lips & on the forehead
Intensive serums, massage techniques and masks straighten these areas
ca. 35 min EUR 49,-

Mineral nourishing algae mask for the face & décolleté
Supports the regeneration of wrinkled skin with UV damage and makes it supple.
ca. 35 min EUR 45,-

“All Around the Eyes” Treatments
Very effective with instantly visible results regarding swellings, eye bags, or wrinkled and dried skin.
ca. 30 min EUR 42,-

Pack and decongesting
grips for slender legs Refreshes tired and swollen legs by purifying and smoothening substances.
ca. 60 min EUR 62,-

La Mer Face Treatments
The core elements of this treatment are:
Warm compresses – cleansing and deep peeling – tonic fresh extracts – vapozone warm mist – removal of impurities on the skin and excess eye brow growth – substance serum nourishment mask – face, neck and décolleté massage – lip
eye care finish
Quick make-up with organic cosmetics by Colour Caramel for her
The product lines are individually tailored to every skin type
For all skin types: normal/oily/sensitive/dry
to extremely dry/mixed
ca. 70 min EUR 76,-

Cleansing, clearness and freshness for male skin with La Marin Men
The core face treatment prevents greasy shine by matting daily care and intensive grease cleansing beforehand. The
moisturising and anti-inflammatory care products refine pores and calm the skin and have refreshing manly fragrances. We recommend these for use at home, on the road and especially after shaving.
ca. 70 min EUR 76,-

A fresh breeze from the sea for the mature facial skin
“Luxury Treatment”
A deep regeneration with coral and caviar for matured skin above 50 is initiated, thanks to the core treatment and the anti-aging line by La Mer. Rich in treasures of the ocean, which support the firming of the skin and a younger, fresh looking skin.
ca. 80 min EUR 108,-

Special face treatment La Mer Med
Care in its purest form – all MED products are very skin compatible, free of preservatives, without fragrance or artificial colouring, free of paraben, silicon and polyethylene-glycol. The treatments have the core elements and the specific regenerating LA MER MED products for the following skins:
Neurodermatitis: Core treatment with enzyme peeling and soothing substances for itching. Optimal supply with intensive, regenerating moisture without perfume and alcohol
Each treatment: ca. 70 min EUR 79,-

Psoriasis: Core treatment with enzyme peeling and soothing
substances to regenerate the protective layer and strengthen the skin barrier. Removes over-hornification with gentle re-oiling cleansing products without perfume or alcohol.
Each treatment: ca. 70 min EUR 79,-

Couperose: Core treatment with acupressure instead of
massage, wet compresses instead of vapozone. Gentle substances soothe and relax the skin, strengthen and decongest weak vessels, balance the circulation, soothe redness and moisturise the tissue.
Each treatment: ca. 70 min EUR 79,-

Seborrhea: Core treatment with enzyme peeling and
substances to normalise sebum production and remove over-hornification. Antibacterial substances promote the healing process of the red, irritated skin and reduce the greasy shine.
Each treatment: ca. 70 min EUR 79,-

Additional Cosmetic Services
Eyebrow correction  EUR 14,-
Tinting eyebrows     EUR 14,-
Correction & tinting EUR 24,-
Eyelashes tinting      EUR 16,-
Eyelashes & brow tinting   EUR 26,-
Eyelashes & brow tinting & correction     EUR 36,-
Facial hair cold wax removal                    EUR 14,-
Bikini line hair removal                            EUR 22,-
Organic day make-up Colour Caramel         EUR 38,-
Organic evening make-up Colour Caramel    EUR 48,-

“Hand and Foot” SPA Manicure and Pedicure

Cosmetic care variant with products by market leader O P I, appealing fragrance, gently application with high quality materials, hand bath and foot bath – peeling – soak & removal of cornea, calluses & cuticles – shorten, smoothen and clean nails – treatment mask with nourishing, firming properties – hand massage up to the elbows or foot massage up to the knees.

SPA Manicure O P I  ca. 75 min  EUR 65,-
SPA Pedicure O P I  ca. 75 min   EUR 65,-
Combine both ca. 150 min           EUR 125,-
“Blaze of Colour” nail painting with classic, trendy and seasonal nail varnish by O P I
Degreasing – disinfection  – base coat – colour varnish – top coat – quick dry
Finger Nail Varnish O P I  ca. 25 min  EUR 18,-
Foot Nail Varnish O P I ca. 25 min      EUR 18,-
Combine both  ca. 50 min  EUR 34,-

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